Saturday, November 30, 2013


When I was very sick, a friend sent me this video:

The little boy's adorable advice not only made me laugh very hard (and we all know Lyme patients need more laughter in their lives), but his innocence and positivity reminded me try to find a place inside myself that could be INSPIRED, FEARLESS, and HOPEFUL the way a child is.

My next post will be out in a day or two - "Alternative/Holistic Options for Treating Lyme."

Until then, please remember that your mind is SUCH an important ally in your fight to wellness. Everyone asks me what one thing I think helped me beat Lyme Disease. There was no particular treatment or thing that did it. Some things helped more than others, certainly. But, without the work I did on my mind, I never would be where I am today - completely healthy and thriving. 

The entire 8 years I spent ill, I printed up my favorite inspirational quotes and put them all over my bedroom. I listened to a particular CD over and over in the car when my parents or friends drove me to appointments. It was called "Secrets of Your Own Healing Power," by Wayne Dyer. If there is a person (Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer), ANYONE who inspires you with their words, ANYONE who can help you get out of the repetitive and destructive thoughts that come to us during any illness but ESPECIALLY during Lyme Disease because of the neurological effects of the disease, then by all means, LISTEN TO THEM. REPEATEDLY.

When I lived with my parents and was on IV meds and extremely disabled, I had no emotional support other than my incredible friends back in San Francisco and an EFT therapist I worked with. My family supported me financially but they were not emotionally supportive at all. I felt helpless and alone in cold, suburban Michigan every day, attached to an IV pole. Though my friends would call to check in on me, I just wanted to ignore their calls at times and go curl up into a depressing ball and feel sorry for myself. This existence was so hard to bear after so many years and then my self-sabotaging thoughts would recycle.

So, instead of SPINNING in those negative thoughts over and over ("I'm never going to get better," or "Didn't I say last year that I'd be doing 'x' this year, and I am still in the same place" or "What if I am like this forever?"), I recommend you read, watch, or listen to something to PULL YOU out.  Reading was very difficult for me at times when I was sick, so I just listened to audios.

If it's not a friend or family member, watch a funny TV show or movie that will distract you. And as MUCH as you can, listen to inspirational lectures, CDs, music, etc. You can also google Wayne Dyer or Louise Hay (or whoever your most favorite inspirational speakers is) on youtube, and find free audios they have, and just play them while you are lying down, eating, or in the car.

I swear I must have listened to that Wayne Dyer CD 100 times. But I needed his reminders - his reminder that everything I heard in the Lyme world was not true. That I COULD heal myself completely of a disease. Though I had no idea HOW I would do it, I did. And I DID.

I attribute my complete healing of Lyme to my deep work in the emotional and spiritual realm. I worked on removing limiting beliefs. I worked on the unhealthy patterns I had before sick with Lyme Disease.

I wrote out precisely how I wanted to be feeling in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years. I envisioned it every day for 10 minutes before going to bed (or tried to anyway). There are many tools I can suggest, but these are just a few to start.

Proof in the Pudding: A study at Howard University showed that those who (1) wrote out their visions of what they would be doing with their lives and (2) were very CLEAR with their visions were earning 10x more money than their peers. Money is not everything, but this study illustrates the power of our beliefs.

Break the cycle of your destructive thoughts. They are just on repeat, and are living from an experience of not being healthy. But THERE IS A PART of you THAT WANTS TO BE AND CAN BE HEALTHY.

The greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal itself--but that force is not independent of the belief system. Everything begins with belief. What we believe is the most powerful option of all.

~ Norman Cousins

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post or site should be construed as medical advice. Each individual should consult with his/her practitioner or doctor to work out a treatment plan that is right for them.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lyme Disease Community Blows the Whistle on Corruption Within the CDC

Recently, a great article came out by Jessica Bernstein called "Lyme Disease Community Blows the Whistle on Corruption Within the CDC," found at

It is not news to anyone who battles Lyme Disease that corruption plagues the diagnosis and treatment of this completely disabling illness. It is also not news to any of us that this corruption forced most patients to go misdiagnosed for years. These years (of misdiagnoses) are critical, for they could have prevented the disease from going into the late-stage form, where it debilitates you and you lie in bed for years, sit in a wheelchair staring at the world wondering what it's like to have a normal life, wait for your mother or friend to make you food or bathe you, have seizures, and need an oxygen tank to breathe. The living dead.

This does not say anything of the hundreds of thousand of dollars each patient may spend on treatment (that is not covered by insurance thanks to the corrupt individuals at the CDC). A Stanford journalist in this article found that a group, consisting of CDC employees, has been setting Lyme disease policy and a national research agenda without public oversight or transparency (again not a big shocker to most reading this). BUT…she explains part of the group's STATED mission has been to run a COVERT "disinformation war" and a "socio-political offensive" to DISCREDIT patients, physicians, and journalists who questioned the group's research and motives.

I'd love to show this to the 12+ doctors who told me I was making up a disease and it was all in my head. I'm sure the countless others with Lyme would love to show this to a few doctors as well.
For now, I am just happy to see a well-written piece exposing the truth, to create more awareness, and hopefully less suffering for those in the Lyme community. Hopefully all of the hard work of the Lyme community towards advocacy will pave the way for better standards around Lyme treatment and diagnosis, and just as importantly, more humane treatment of the people who battle this disease. 

This piece would have been very helpful to show to the doctors who misdiagnosed me, or treated me like a crazy person. All of my friends were incredible supports, and took care of my like family. Even my friends' friends reached out to me to support me. So I did not need to convince them what I was going through was real. 
However, this article really would have helped to show to many members of my family who did not (and probably still do not) believe that I had late-stage Lyme Disease because of what the CDC said in the past.  

What would this have provided? Well..with BELIEF (in the person who struggles with the disease), comes UNDERSTANDING. With understanding, comes COMPASSION. With compassion, comes SUPPORT. And from too many of the emails I get through blog or people I know with Lyme, they are WITHOUT SUPPORT. They are in debt, unable to care for themselves or their families because they do not have emotional, physical, or financial support. For me, that ship has sailed. But let's hope this article will start to change things even a little bit for those who continue to battle Lyme. 

New post coming in the next week…..Alternative (Holistic) Treatments for Healing from Lyme Disease 

Monday, November 11, 2013

What to Do When Antibiotics are No Longer An Option…Keeping Positive

I have been off of all antibiotics for 2 years now. I will write up my entire protocol, and have decided I will do this in an electronic informational guide format (a PDF). It will probably take a while to write, but I have received so many questions from so many of you and really want to provide a comprehensive guide to what I did to get better, what mistakes I made, and what things I really think made a difference. Of course, EACH person is so different so what works for one may not work for the other. But, being aware of the options gives you information about the possibilities. And remember, you are never at a dead end. There is ALWAYS something you may not know about that can help.

When I had to stop antibiotics a few years ago, I thought I would never get better.
I could not continue even IV abx, even though I was feeling so incredibly great on them, finally, because of ongoing acute pancreatitis. It was too dangerous to continue. I felt hopeless. I found a holistic doctor in NYC that helped me get to 90%. Not immediately, but it happened quickly thereafter, and then I had some ups and downs, but I have continued his protocol, and I credit that (among other things) with helping me to the next and final level of healing. But I had to have had those years of herbs and antibiotics first. I don't think his protocol would have worked for me, anyway, without that prior antibiotic treatment.  Though I am not a big fan of drug-based therapies when there are viable holistic alternatives, I think most of us who have or had Lyme understand that the disease progresses so rapidly that antibiotics are often necessary. Many of us were so sick that we could not function without the assistance of antibiotics. 'Function' was, honestly, a stretch.

Even during my treatments with this NYC doctor, I did my first 2 hour hike (in over 7 years) and couldn't believe I was doing that! I was ecstatic. A week prior I was barely able to make it 2 blocks to the subway (I moved to NYC for a few months, and was able to live with a friend to do this treatment). In retrospect, I MAY have overdone it by splurging on a 2 hour hike. But I was still so elated.

One of the things that I will stress in the guide when I write it is KEEPING POSITIVE and EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING. I don't mean suppress your sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, or hopelessness. Feel it by ALL MEANS. I felt them a LOT. But also remember that being sick and alone and unable to lead a normal life can cause a downward spiral in your head. One negative thought, and down it goes. I found myself in that position a lot. I often was stuck and just could not handle it. But in the times I picked up the phone and called my amazing tribe of friends who were like family to me, they would tell me I would make it. They knew it, they said. It was impossible for me to NOT beat this disease, they would tell me. They were right, but it was hard to always believe.

Even if you have one friend or family member that can do that for you, it is priceless. In my opinion, BELIEF and HOPE are some of the few things you can control.

I went on the online support groups and went to in-person support groups ALL the time. For years. I was devastated because everyone was so sick and I thought I would remain that way forever. Though I learned SO much from the people I met online and at those support groups, and was so grateful for their help, after a while, I slowly stopped going to the support groups (online or in person) because it was too hard emotionally to handle. Please note I learned SO much from the support groups, and they provided a support that nobody else could. Nobody else UNDERSTOOD this crazy disease, but emotionally, it was too much for me to be constantly engaged.

After arming myself with tons of information, I just had faith in what I was doing,  trusted my gut, and got my hands on all the books, CDs, and videos I could that talked about healing and positivity.

When a big change occurs in your life it forces you to change direction. Sometimes the new path may not be easy, but you can be absolutely certain that there is magnificence for you on the new path. You can be absolutely certain that the new path contains things that you could not have experienced otherwise.

When we look back at a negative event that occurred in the past, we often see how in fact it transformed our life. We see how that event directed us toward a life that we would not change for anything.

I am currently working on another post that will outline a number of holistic treatment options if (1) antibiotics are no longer an option for you; (2) you want to integrate some holistic treatment options into your protocol; or (3) you want to switch from antibiotics to holistic treatments.  I didn't think it was possible to heal from Lyme completely with holistic treatments. But it is….more soon!

Keep the faith. What your MIND believes, your BODY CAN achieve.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Huffington Post Article Mentioning the "We are the 300,000" campaign: please submit a photo!

An article just came out in the Huffington Post that mentions the "We are the 300,000" Lyme campaign. The Lyme community needs to show there is interest in these kinds of articles so PLEASE share this on Facebook and spread the word! 

If you have not heard of the Lyme 300,000 campaign, it is a great and easy photo campaign to get more media attention for Lyme. If you have not posted a photo yet, please do and continue to spread the word. We need to show that it is not just a small group struggling with Lyme and upset about it being ignored. 

You can learn everything about the campaign here:

Simply take a photo of yourself holding the sign and email to The photos will be posted here

Thanks for getting the word out to the general community. Our hard work now will pave the way for future generations to be HEARD, UNDERSTOOD, and properly DIAGNOSED.