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Alternative/Holistic Treatment Options for Lyme Disease

In my journey to beating Lyme Disease, I used many alternative/holistic treatments.  
In my treatment protocol, I started out using oral and eventually IV antibiotics for several years, using alternative/holistic treatments occasionally. Eventually, after a few years, I transitioned to all holistic treatments. I think both types of treatments - antibiotics AND holistic treatments - were essential for me, personally. Everyone is different, but we can all learn a little something from one another and it is always nice to be aware of other options if you feel stuck. This post is not meant to advocate for any type of treatment as each person heals differently; rather, it is to present some holistic options for you if you are feeling stuck in treatment, considering holistic options, or can no longer take or tolerate antibiotics. 
After a few years of antibiotics, I was forced to stop them because my organs were being damaged by the antibiotics and my stomach could no longer tolerate them. I was DEVASTATED when I had to stop IV Doxy. After so many years of treatment, I was FINALLY starting to feel a bit like myself again. And then I had to stop. I had no choice. My LLMD and I both knew that it was not possible to risk further damage to the organs that were suffering.
My health declined after I stopped the antibiotics, but I was forced to find and utilize many holistic treatments. Looking back, I am actually glad I was forced to stop the antibiotics. My body - unbeknownst to me - was ready at that point in my treatment to take over and heal itself with the help of more gentle holistic treatments. I am not a fan of the practice Western medicine has of pushing drugs down patients' throats when not needed, BUT with Lyme, we all know how incredibly devastating the disease can be. This is one disease where Western drugs are often needed, and where, unfortunately, mainstream medicine tells us not to take them. And insurance will not cover them! The irony!

I was too ill to survive without antibiotics by the time I was diagnosed and have NO DOUBT they were integral to my recovery. So this post is not to condemn anyone for using  antibiotics. Antibiotics saved my life and were necessary for my healing!  However, if your body is ready (or if you cannot tolerate antibiotics like many Lyme patients), there are many alternative/holistic treatments you can consider. 

For me, after a few years of antibiotics, the holistic treatments I did helped me get to complete wellness.
I won't lie - none of them are cheap. But treating Lyme Disease is still, sadly, a very expensive ordeal. I went into massive debt paying for these (as did my parents), and am still paying for it. But there is no price on health. They were all worth it to be back to healthy again.

Alternative/Holistic Treatments Options
(First a list of treatments I used)
Auto Blood Therapy: (note, I did a combination of treatments in succession, specifically auto blood therapy for 8 weeks, then IV homeopathic detox and UVB for several weeks, then IV hydrogen peroxide, then IV lipid exchange), under the guidance of a holistic doctor in NYC. Email me if you'd like more information on this doctor.
IV Ozone Therapy: Oxygen therapies involve the use of oxygen and can be used in various forms to promote healing and to destroy pathogens in the body – often used in combination with UBI or UVB (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) for most effective results. For me, IV ozone - especially paired with UBI - was a great 'clean up' of leftover Lyme, co-infections, opportunistic infections (like chronic viruses or mycoplasma), etc. Ozone can stimulate circulation, increase tissue oxygenation, facilitate cellular immune function, and assist in detoxification. I often experienced a very mild herxheimer reaction in that I got quite tired for a day or two. Sometimes I just felt great with no herxheimer, but I always felt better at some point in the week following treatment. More about UBI: UBI is a therapy where blood is taken out of your body, exposed to ultraviolet UVC light, and then reintroduced into the body. UBI is effective in treating persistent viruses, has anti-inflammatory effects and powerful anti-infection properties, and stimulates the immune system. UBI was first used on humans in 1928, when it was first used in Germany on a woman dying of sepsis and cured her in 2 days. 
IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: I used this as part of a protocol that involved many other treatments (see "Auto Blood Therapy" above). Intravenous hydrogen peroxide can be used as a natural anti-microbial. Once in the body, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into various oxygen subspecies that contact anaerobic viruses and microbes. The hydrogen peroxide then oxidizes the cells of these viruses and microbes while leaving the healthy cells alone.  
IV Phosphatidyl Choline (aka IV Lipid Exchange): I used this as part of a protocol that involved many other treatments (see "Auto Blood Therapy" above). Each IV Lipid Exchange was followed by an IV glutathione infusion. This therapy can improve the neurological symptoms caused by the progression of Lyme disease. Phospatidyl choline makes up most of the cell membrane,  and, therefore, can help regenerate the structural and functional integrity of cells, especially in the brain.
High dose IV Vitamin C (Myers Cocktail) Therapy: builds immunity and helps fatigue. I also used these as a detoxification by doing them twice weekly at home when I had a picc line and was infusing IV antibiotics.  There are also claims that High doses of Vitamin C (the highest dose I ever took was 40,000 mg at once) kills Lyme Disease. If you do need the information for an infusion pharmacy that specializes in Lyme Disease and mails IV meds as well as Myers Cocktails, please email me. When I no longer had a picc line, it was much more expensive to go into a doctor’s office and have these treatments, but I still continued as needed. High doses of Vitamin C are also good for viruses.
Biontology: Light Therapy (a.k.a. Applied Biophoton Science): visit the website for more information on this therapy. If you are in the Bay area i can give you the number of the practitioner who I worked with, who is fantastic. She cured herself of Lyme Disease with this therapy, but she doesn't take that many new patients. I found this treatment incredibly powerful for helping me heal EVERYTHING leftover from Lyme - adrenal, thyroid, and other hormone issues, GI issues, sleep/endocrine disruptions, toxicity, liver/gall bladder back up, kidneys, anything that was an issue that day, the machine picked it up and cleared it! Wish I had discovered this earlier to do alongside my other Lyme treatment.
Herbs – Byron White line: I used herbs for about 6 months for co-infections (I needed a break from antibiotics as my system had become too toxic for me to handle them). Then I worked my way back onto antibiotics. Later I would use the herbals as needed. Byron White has specific herbs for Lyme and co-infections, along with other things like H.Pylori, Mycoplasma, etc. They are immune modulating herbs so even though I have no Lyme or co-infection symptoms  anymore, I now take a low dose of 2 of the formulas just to keep my immune system in good shape. There are many other herbs besides the Byron White line that you can use. I found many of these to be very effective for me, and my naturopath worked with Byron White directly, so I was steered towards his herbs primarily. 
(Here is a list of treatments I did not try but have heard positive feedback about from other Lyme patients)
Rife Machines
Far Infrared Saunas
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the use of intermittent, high-dose oxygen as a drug. By giving pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, HBOT delivers a massive influx of oxygen to virtually every area of the body. This is true even for areas of poor blood flow. Fights infection by creating a hostile environment for bacteria which thrive and cause infection in the absence of oxygen. There are a few clinics whose directors I have spoken to who have told me about the great results of HBOT. There are possible side effects that you should be aware of, as there can be with any treatment. 

I never got around to trying these last 3 treatments for many reasons, but feel free to post about your experience here in the Comments Section. 

          This is by no means a complete list of all the holistic treatments for Lyme Disease. There are many other holistic therapies, including but not limited to things like frequency specific micro-current, biomat, etc. Note, I have not included things like supplements and holistic practitioners I worked with (IMT, quantum energetics healing, craniosacral) because then the list would never end.  These were amazing and very supportive treatments while I was ill, and if you live in the Bay Area, I am happy to share the names of these practitioners if you email me. You can reach me at      

      "Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain." ~

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