Tuesday, January 31, 2012

(What I thought was my Last) IV treatment and a True Friend

Hi all, I am almost a year overdue on a blog post, YIKES!! I was either feeling too crappy to post or feeling well enough to be out doing things. A HUGE update will be coming soon! But for now...today's news...

Definition of a true friend:
my dear friend, Yael. She has rekindled the light inside me when it has gone out (many times), she threw a massive fundraiser for my medical bills while she was 8 months pregnant AND working, and she just happens to pop in doctor's office while I'm doing my IV treatment where we share laughs and smiles @ the many blessings 2012 has brought. I love you Yael!

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  1. Hey there-
    just wanted to let you know I found your blog through my sister, and I really enjoy it! I, too, have late-stage lyme and had to leave college last year to live with my parents (barf). I have since moved out and back to my college town. I'm about to start my IV treatment up again woohoo! Anywho, looking forward to your next post!