Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Lyme in the News

2 stories I'd quickly like to bring your attention to:

(1) These stories need to be told so that awareness grows beyond the grasp of the IDSA and the current health care system...This can be prevented!

(2)VERY alarming statistics that ALL people and especially DOCTORS should know, from the National Lyme Disease Memorial Park Project. I think most of us in the Lyme-literate community know these to be accurate, but it would be great if you could spread the word to your friends and non Lyme-literate doctors. Link with references (you know, to show those skeptical doctors and even the public) at:

Lyme disease has surpassed AIDS as one of the fastest growing infectious epidemics in our nation, with a cost to society measured in the billions of dollars.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) surveillance case definition was developed for national reporting of Lyme disease; it is not intended to be used in clinical diagnosis.

Reported cases:
Lyme Disease Cases as Reported to the CDC 1980-Current (02-07-10): 381,552

Actual Cases:
Using the CDCs own under-reported standard of 10 fold: 3,815,520

* In the United States, requirements for reporting diseases are mandated by state laws or regulations, and the list of reportable diseases in each state differs.

* Disease reporting is likely incomplete, and completeness might vary depending on the disease. The degree of completeness of data reporting might be influenced by the diagnostic facilities available; control measures in effect; public awareness of a specific disease; and the interests, resources, and priorities of state and local officials responsible for disease control and public health surveillance.

* As reported by the CDC, 60 to 75 percent of patients with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever receive an alternate diagnosis on their first visit for medical care.

Vector and Tickborne diseases found in The USA listed on the website/link above.

Note, I am not trying to be a Lyme alarmist. I don't like when people do that. I especially am trying to move away from having Lyme Disease as my identity since I feel I am past it (for the most part, will explain this soon in a post!).

This post is merely to let people understand how serious this disease is. I was just in New York at the United Nations for an incredible conference (more on that later) and the woman I was staying with grew up in Long Island (NY being a state where Lyme is quite well-known by much of the general public & medical community) and she had no idea what Lyme disease was or that it was passed by a tick!

Because spring is approaching, I want to remind EVERYONE to be cautious when outside. Again, no need for massive paranoia because I think fear in your body will feed any illness. BUT I went through six years of hell and many of you reading tihs have gone through and still go through a kind of physical and emotional pain from a this disease that most people will never experience. So please protect yourself and your loved ones when you go outside, in ANY part of the country, especially in the woods/hiking. Because I react to chemicals, I use eucalyptus oil (about 30 drops) mixed in a bottle of organic grapeseed oil) and put it all over my body/clothes/hair/blanket/shoes when hiking or sitting on grass. It's natural and repels ticks very well. This was advised to me by my doctor in NYC; the one who allowed me to tremendously improve just over the last 7 months.

Another one just popped up!
The doctor diagnosed chronic Lyme disease, but many experts say it doesn’t exist

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