Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Shocking Truth About Your Health

All, I am busily writing my e-guides (first one: how to file a successful social security disability claim with Lyme, second one: my protocol I did to cure myself from Lyme, third, fourth, fifth: suggestions???).
There are a number of other guides/ebooks I want to write related to Lyme, but I would love suggestions so please feel free to email me at Some of the others I will likely write:
  • An ebook just on the hormone issues that come up with Lyme 
  • An ebook for caregivers, friends, and family members of Lyme patients
  • An ebook for those new to a Lyme diagnosis with a basic overview of what to do (so as not to feel completely overwhelmed!)
Also, feel free to email your personal questions. I was not able to check that email address for several months due to external factors, but now I can. Thanks for your patience.

The Emotional Side

Something that a friend posted from an incredible doctor in San Francicso who has seen chronic illness:

The Shocking Truth About Your Health: Really hits the nail on the head about the emotional side of what contributes to illness. It also empowers you to realize you CAN create your well-being.

Something I am learning from healers and practitioners about people who constantly struggle with chronic illness in any form (like myself): the real importance of the emotional component. Though I did so much work on myself physically AND emotionally for the past 8 years, I still tend to discount how much emotional factors and stress affected me and still affect my health.

Everytime some emotional stress hits, I don't feel well in some way. Now, it is not disabling, but it is still not good. "That cannot be related," I think, even though I know how very well they are related.

Of course mind and body are truly connected, in my opinion and even from scientific research (Biology of Belief is a book outlining this). Surely many people in this world are stressed, so how come only some get ill? That, I realize, has many complex answers. I will not go there for now and only say that even after 5 years of deep emotional healing and work, which I credit for at LEAST 50% of my recovery from Lyme, I am still learning that unresolved emotional issues can still make me feel sick.

If you are reading this, and struggling with Lyme or any illness at any stage, I ask you to take the time to watch the video. I am the daughter of a scientist and an engineer and trained as a lawyer, so my mind tends to think in scientific ways. But, I keep realizing that the emotional component has much to do with healing.

Back to writing, and keep the faith. I have been in that dark tunnel and never thought I would come out. I thought I would suffer forever, and I am now in the light that I saw a glimpse of before. Never give up!

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