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I've received some very heartfelt blog responses via email and other means and I am incredibly touched by the people (many who I have never met, many friends of Lindsay's, my friend who lost her life to Lyme) who have reached out to me and offered love, support, and just words of inspiration...I suppose that was part of the purpose of this blog, to reach out, connect, and feel heard...thank you.

"D" wrote:
Dear Mona,

I was an acquaintance of Lindsay, and found out about her death last week, but even more sad about her long battle with Lyme. I read your blog today, and like Lindsay's it has touched me in so many ways.

Lindsay and I went to law school together, and I remember her as sweet, quiet girl.

Mona, I am currently not working but like you South Asian, a social justice minded lawyer. I have had my own tale of woes this year, but NOTHING that comes close to your pain. Ironically, Eckhart Tolle was my first intro into coming closer to my being and the last couple months I've been practicing Buddhist meditation and going to temples here in Los Angeles, where I live. I am doing a 10 day retreat at spirit rock in the bay area to further my practice and mental healing.

Unfortunately, I donated what I can give now, when I start working I'd like to give more.

You are so inspiring and I think you should get out to even a wider audience. I wanted to know if you would be comfortable if I posted your blog on my facebook page to draw more attention to the disease and potential donations. I know this is wild but its Oprah's last year, I know cliche, but I think your story, your advocacy/message should make it to a larger audience. Have you already tried? Here is a link where you can ask her for your story. If you'd like I can piggyback on your story, after you write her with your story. I'd also like to write her as someone new to information about this illness, and to ask her to feature the courage, and pain you and other survivors and those less fortunate like Lindsay have been through. You are so right, insurance companies and people need to know the prevalence and the struggle!

You are in my prayers Mona, I have hope for you and your life's purpose to touch people, impact change, compassion, so much greater than most of our purpose. Yes, I am 34 and I can work, run, dance, drink with friends, but you have been given a life with so much more universal meaning and impact. Unfortunately with that has come so much pain and suffering, but I believe your journey is to continue to heal and heal others.

I hope this email and message isn't too personal. I just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are.

With love,

Anne J. wrote:
Hi Mona,

My name is Anne, and Lindsay K. was one of my best friends in college. In the years after I continued to think of her that way even as our lives became more and more different as she got sick. I helped her move back from Berkeley to Minneapolis and saw just a little bit of some of the horrors she faced every day from Lyme, but am realizing now that, as I'm sure you have heard countless times from your own friends, I really didn't understand the depth of the pain, not even close.

I'm writing to you because I finally read your blog entry and I'm so glad I did. It was a wonderful tribute to her and reminder to me that as Lindsay's friend, I have an obligation to be knowledgeable about Lyme and advocate for better treatment and understanding of people with Lyme. I hope so much that you keep fighting--from the spirit of your blog, I can picture what a wonderful civil rights lawyer you must have been and will be again.

I can't believe that Lindsay is gone and the more it sinks in the more emptiness I feel at her loss. There has never been anyone like her and there never will be.

You can count on my prayers and hopes for your own recovery, and if you ever want to email me, I am here.

In hope for better days,

Meira B. wrote:

Hello Mona,
I am a dear friend of both Jennie and Lindsay. My heart, much like yours, is broken.
Thank you for posting your blog. I knew that Lindsay was suffering, but I never quite grasped the scope of it. I wish you endless strength in your journey....

I have read up on Lyme disease since Lindsays death. But your blog had the most impact on me.

I saw Lindsay 2 weeks before she died. It was the best I had seen here since Jennie's death, she seemed hopeful for the future and excited about starting the stem cell research. I though she was finding her way out of the the incredible devastation that had befallen her. I can only think that she must have succumbed to a moment of Lyme's induced darkness.

From your writing I can tell you are a very vivacious person. I pray that you conquer this disease and travel to all corners of the earth....


I can't tell you how much all of this (Jennie and Lindsay's passing, and your incredible determination ) has impacted my life. It is just a whole new outlook. So many things that once seemed important, simply are not. I could go on and on, but honestly i am not a great writer and I find it very difficult to put my myriad of thoughts on to paper (or email). Probably why I decided to be a dentist.

But I am really writing because there are 2 songs that I love to listen to when I am feeling down. They always bring me back up with renewed vigor. The songs are "Desire" and "Push" by Pharaohe Monch. Have a listen. (noteworthy: These songs are featured on a dance party mix a friend and I recently made for a party that has yet to happen......but I will let you know of the date so you can fit it in to your world wide tour)

this may seem totally weird (but i guess with all you have been through there is no weird anymore), but i somehow feel like I know you. When I fist saw your picture on your blog I swore that I had met you before.

Anyway when things get rough, remember that there is a random stranger in Chicago rooting for you and when start your travels again make a stop in Chicago. I know this great roof top bar with amazing views of the city. We can also head up to Northern Minnesota. Jennie and Lindsay spent a lot of time there. The sky and water are so clear and the stars at night are amazing.


Joan wrote:
Dear,Dear Mona,

I have read your blog and I am so very,very touched by all that you have gone through.
I wish I had the words to tell you how much they touched me. YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH HELL!

I have always had a special feeling towards you. I remember going to see you ice skate as a young child.
I have always known you to be a"special person". Kind,intelligent,beautiful and compassionate. Who could not love you!!!!

Do Not give up hope Mona. Our God.the one God, who made this universe has a special reason for all of this. And as much hell as you have gone through is just how much JOY!! Is awaiting you.

I believe that you have been chosen to do great things with your life.
May God Bless You and hold you close in His arms. You shall have a special place in my prayers.

Sue G. wrote:
Mona, I read most of your "diary" and Mona, all I can say is you HAVE to plan to put this all in a book someday as it will be a top seller! Your ability is express yourself is overwhelming and will benefit so many who are struggling with the same issues as you. This IS a gift from God and will be used mightily if you allow it to be used. I am sorry to hear about the rocephin and as you know, had to quit also after 14 days.

Your pictures too are great--this truly is a sad but well-done blog! Stay with it, gal. Wonderful therapy for you also. Wanted to express my sympathy to you in the loss of your dear Lyme friend who is no longer there for you. Mona, I recall 3 people who were friends calling me when I was very bad and said they know someone with Lyme and of course, first question of mine was how are they doing. All three had taken their lives!!!!!!!!!!!! Now is this a friend who needs to put her "tongue in check" or not? That was so tough for me. . . cannot imagine having someone you personally know what passes. My sincere sympathy to you. God knows you can and will get through this and will replace her in your life with others.

Terri (Lindsay's mother) wrote:
Dearest Mona,

The more I look at your blog, the more amazing I find it. It is beyond incredible.....informative and yet personal... you are a such a great spokesperson for lymies. How I wish that Lindsay could have seen it. Thank you for the update. I truly feel a deep connection to you, even tho we have never met.

We have just returned from "up north" (that's what Minnesotans say). to bury Lindsay's ashes next to her sister Jennie. I threw myself on the ground and blubbered until I could cry no more. The final good-bye. I have rarely seen Lindsay's dad cry,, but he needed kleenexes too. I still cannot believe she is gone..........

Stay strong, Mona, you have been thru soo much, but I know you will win.

I want to write more, but too tired (and I don't even have lyme). Remember that Lindsay's spirit is with you and so is mine. She is with us both, and senidng her Lindsay Love down from the heavens.

Love you Mona, Maybe someday we will meet and hug, and celebrate your recovery.

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