Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm in the 120's!!

HOLY MOLY!!! I went in to see Dr. G today, my amazing Lyme doctor, and I weighed in at 121 lbs!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!! WITH clothes, yes, but as many of you know I lost 30 lbs and was a very skeletal 105 lbs. at one point (a size -1 if there is such a thing), complete with my ribs popping out of my body. It was very unhealthy. I'm eating like a champ and finally some of it's staying on. Now my size 0 jeans are actually tight on me and even my size 2 ones are uncomfortably puncturing my stomach! I know I should be careful what I wish for (more lbs.) but this is definitely an indication of better health. A hallmark! 121 baby!!! Woot woot!!

WOW, I haven't been in the 120's in over 3 years...Well I'd say 10 more lbs. and I'll be at my mark. But that will be muscle so probably will have to wait until I'm allowed to exercise again. Anyways, one score for today. Except that I'm exhausted because I hardly slept. Oy.


  1. Perhaps Thanksgiving pushed your booty into the 121 zone! I am glad you are feeling better! We don't need more size "0" in the world but if you want a job modeling I can hook you up! We can find some clothes for the pole too. Love you,

  2. I think my IV pole should have shiny streamers hanging from it at all times. Also, I'd like you to bedazzle my fanny pack that carries my drugs. I mean I might as well sparkle while going through this, right? When will you be out here? Love you!