Friday, December 3, 2010

An Angel from above: Sweet Cindy

Thank you to my DEAR friend Cindy, a sweet angel I met 3 years ago (pictured top left). She wrote a piece about me on her blog that I feel honored to share. I am humbled by her words and love her to pieces:

She is also a talented artist, and painted a picture of me at top right.

Cindy was magic from the moment I met her...she had early onset (at the age of 47) Parkinson's start in 2007.

About 3 years ago, when I was sick, with no diagnosis, but wandering in the world of loneliness and fear and spiraling downward health-wise and was no longer able to work, I pushed myself and apprehensively went to a 3-day yoga/meditation retreat and met Cindy Deluz. She and I couldn't do most of the yoga classes and opted just for meditation, but I looked forward to our little chats outside on the wooden cabin porches when everyone else was dong yoga...talking about our lives and our struggles with our illnesses. How some of our closest family members couldn't accept our illnesses and the pain felt in that. And how safe I felt talking to her, validated, accepted, heard, understood, all with a jovial smile and warm light radiating from this stranger to me in such a short time.

Despite Cindy's battle with this debilitating disease (we actually have very similar symptoms and share them and laugh about them by email), Cindy has continued to shine like a light. She has given to the world in so many ways, and to me, she has been an ANGEL. She discovered her hidden talent as an artist during her battle with Parkinson's and makes incredibly beautiful art pieces. She has sent me more care packages than I can remember, filled with quotes and feel good 'soul food' as she calls it, and beautiful prints, cards, magnets, necklaces with her art on it. I only met this woman once, but she pierced my heart with the arrow of unconditional love. And we remain good friends still and hope to reunite in 2011 once her daughter can drive her down to see me!!

It is through meeting amazing friends like Cindy that I know God or the Universe or whoever it is you believe in is saying, "I'm looking out for you." These seemingly small chance meetings are really just little ways for angels to come into my life. Thank you, Cindy, for inspiring me with YOUR courage, your happiness, your smile, your love, your friendship. You are beautiful inside and out.

Please consider perusing Cindy's website, Whimsical Art Designed for the Heart: She makes amazing, unique prints, cards, and art. It is incredible...I have given her cards to friends, nieces, and they all love it. Perfect holiday gifts!

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