Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dr. Phil features Lyme on his Show!!

Last Friday, The Dr. Phil devoted an entire segment to chronic Lyme, using several minutes of footage from the disturbing but powerful documentary, UNDER OUR SKIN. In a behind-the-scenes chat with staffers after the show, Dr. Phil says a key issue was left out of the "Deadly Consequences" Lyme segment: "The political-financial-insurance aspect that impacts diagnosis." Could not agree more myself.

I don't watch Dr. Phil personally, but I think he did a GREAT job with this segment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reqyYSAFb9I. One of his staffers has had Lyme for years and had her Hickman port (much like the picc line I had in my arm for 2 years to deliver IV antibiotics) in while working. I have no doubt watching her opened his eyes to the reality of this disease that some people, particularly IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) doctors, claim is MADE UP and all in patient's heads. I think Brooke Landau, a San Diego newscaster and former model who survived a 13-year battle with Lyme Disease, did an excellent job speaking up for Lyme patients. Her unbelievable triumph has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Discovery Channel, Extra, Fox 11 News, and news stations nationwide.

I believe some in the Lyme community were upset at the IDSA doctor that was featured on Dr. Phil, and though I too found that doctor's comments deplorable, I think the featured guests - patients and a Lyme-literate doctor - did a great job rebutting his comments.

The tide is turning, and more and more people, press, practitioners, and policymakers around the globe are becoming aware and educated. As the epidemic continues unabated and often unrecognized, I am happy to see Lyme advocates' commitment to persisting to create change and HOPE for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people suffering from this disease. Despite the relative lack of movement in this time by the official bodies of the IDSA and CDC, as patients are educated--one screening at a time, there's no turning back. The power of media coupled with the power of the people is working...

I remember sitting in my bed years ago, completely disabled, imagining what I could do and the community could do to get mobilized around this hidden epidemic...I feel we have made so much progress, but there is much more to be done...

I plan to write a book on my experience, more on that later...more on my experience and treatments in my blog later...I apologize to those of you waiting for the update on my treatments, but I have had a number of unforeseen circumstances (some health-related) come up the last 3 months that have prevented me from updating my blog...I promise it IS coming!

*Note, the documentary, Under Our Skin, is now on Hulu. Tell your friends and family they can watch it online!

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