Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Molly's Story

A great young woman I met via email, Molly Franken, who found out about my story on the California Lyme Disease online support group, posted an incredible synopsis of her story. She is from LA, and though we have never met, she has been in touch with me since I recovered from Lyme in January and before I slipped back into something that feels like a relapse. She has been emailing me and checking in on me constantly and I want to thank her for reminding me about the importance of sharing my story. Also, I want to thank her as she inspired me to get back to writing on my blog.

I want to share her eloquently written story. It shows how this disease strikes so many women who are young, driven, independent, and who suddenly because isolated and sick. Molly is in the business of making movies, and most recently, in the business of writing words. She is a strong woman who was taken out by Lyme but will be back at it one day. For now, Molly, I commend you on your strength, and your beautiful words that you have shared about your story. I think we will learn a lot from this experience and be able to help others with it....One day, Molly and I will be mt biking and drinking margaritas (when we meet in person, that is) and we'll show the photos of our Lyme-free selves to y'all!

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