Monday, December 17, 2012

Pretty long video, but WELL WORTH IT.

As those of us who have endured Lyme Disease, or still continue to endure it, know, everything we eat and put in our body affects how we feel. It is sad to me that most of the nation doesn't understand the importance of the environment, food, and how much it affects our health.

What is in this video is NOT new to most of us: eating safe, non-genetically modified organic food free from antibiotics and hormones is essential to feeling well. But, Robyn O'Brien does an amazing job illustrating the story, the facts behind all of this, how the food industry perpetuates this cycle of ilness-causing foods, and why good clean food is still inaccessible to most people (cost). Some interesting stats from her talk: Americans spend more on health care than any other country, and have more cancer than any other country. 1 in 10 breast cancers is genetic; the other 9 are due to environment (according to Robyn).

I struggled with convincing my parents to buy me only organic food, and the grocery bills were so high for the 6 years that I was sick. They thought it was all BS. My bills grocery continue to be high because I refuse to put anything else in my body even though it's not in my 'budget.' But being disabled, in bed, and sick again is also not in my 'budget.' I need to keep myself healthy.

I hope we can change the policies of this country so that the food industry stops inherently contributing to illness. I don't think 'regular/healthy' people realize how important this is; I have many friends who have the means to eat organic/pesticide-free but do not. I suspect this is because the message hasn't alarmed people enough. The message needs to be loud and clear HOW dangerous chemicals, pesticides, and other agents in our food are.

I hope we can drive this point home to many so we can prevent more illness in this country.

Even the American Pediatrics Association (hardly characterized as holistic or radical) reported that the evidence is “robust” for associations between pesticide exposure and cancer (specifically brain tumors and leukemia) and “adverse” neurodevelopment, including lowered I.Q., autism, and attention disorders and hyperactivity in children. The article is here. The APA linking pesticides to these health concerns is VERY alarming in my view.

My dear friend Johonna has been creating a blog of ways to keep ourselves healthy, in home, food, everything we do - I learned about both of the above pieces from her.

I feel it is our duty to educate others about what we have learned. So please share this information with those you love, and let's try try to get consumer demand for clean foods high enough so that EVERYONE can afford it.

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