Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tidbits of Health Info

I am going to start using my blog as more of a dissemination of information for those with Lyme, recovering from Lyme, or other chronic illnesses (rather than as an update for my friends and family). I also am in the midst of writing my full protocol and what worked for me to get past Lyme Disease. I know different things work for different people, but I want to share what I have learned.

I have transitioned into the world of wellness, working and exercising again, having recovered from Lyme though I still deal with strange things and symptoms occasionally. So I still eat the most healthy diet I can (most of the time), take care of my body, mind, and see the practitioners I need to to make sure everything is doing well.

Detox is essential when on treatments (antibiotic or holistic) and even when not on any kind of treatment. This is because there are toxins everywhere in our world. I keep learning more and more about what is toxic everywhere, and it frightens me. I do what I can (and can afford) to keep myself safe, but I also try not to over-stress. I realize stress is the grand exacerbat-or of any illness or symptom!

Detox Smoothie: 1 bunch organic dandelion greens, water, 1 full lemon (can keep peel on or off, as the peel itself is very detoxifying; make sure it’s organic if using the peel), 1 organic apple (I use Fuji), and blend. This comes out in a great consistency if you have a Vitamix. Dandelion greens help cleanse the liver as does lemon. Apple is great for the gall bladder, and helps take away the bitter taste of the dandelion green and smoothie and make it palatable. Additionally, if you are on IV antibiotics, the apple is great to help cleanse your gall bladder (I did this smoothie 5x/week when I was on IV meds for Lyme). Other benefits of dandelion I just learned here.
Mosonatural bags. I stumbled across this product at a Golden Gate National Park store at Land’s End in San Francisco. I bought one for each room and the car. Made of 100% Moso Bamboo Charcoal, this air purifying bag is non-toxic, fragrance free, and scientifically proven to absorb bacteria, harmful pollutants (including formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, chloroform, and other gases emitted from paint, carpeting, furniture, rubber, and plastic), and allergens. I am still sensitive to chemicals so this is a great product, and a great addition to keep your environment clean.

Emotional Well-Being

I think most people with Lyme Disease or any other ongoing condition understand the connection that emotional well-being has to our physical health. I firmly believe my work with many different healers and practitioners for years around my past emotional patterns was half the reason I got better. I think each person is dealing with a different set of stressors, and each person internalizes them differently. I will go more into detail in future posts, but I have to say as I encounter any fear, stress, anxiety, or sadness in daily life, meditation has an enormously POSITIVE impact on any of those feelings.

I went to a 45 minute meditation class Friday, and did some basic sitting meditation with Pranayama breathing. I felt 50x better than when I came in, feeling a bit sad, anxious, exhausted, and in a lot of pain from a recent car crash a few weeks ago. I highly recommend even 5 - 10 minutes a day of meditation. I have been practicing meditation for 8 years, but I have not consistently practiced. Even when I was sick. It was sometimes too scary to go sit in that place, but often it was what I needed most. When I did practice, especially consistently, I felt the most balanced.


I still eat a primarily gluten-free, dairy-free, alcohol-free, caffeine-free, very low sugar, anti-inflammatory diet. I cheat once in a while but I find I feel so much better when I eat this way. The reason for taking out these substances is that it reduces inflammation. The removal or reduction of sugar is also a huge part of creating a well-functioning immune system. There are many studies that show sugar feeds cancer cells and wreaks havoc on immune systems.

Before I got sick, I ate 4 pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream weekly. Plus cookies and candy. And sweetened drinks. I always had a high metabolism, so gaining weight was not a concern, but I had this unhealthy high-sugar lifestyle since I was a little girl. I slowly weaned off of ALL sugar (over 3 months), including vinegar and honey. It was a painful experience, headaches, irritation, etc. But I don't even crave sugar anymore. I actually feel sick if I eat too much sugar. I remember cheating one Thanksgiving when I was treating Lyme, and eating pecan pie, pumpkin pie, all kinds of desserts. I felt sick for a week straight! I eat fruit now in moderation, and occasionally treat myself to a dessert when I crave it. If all of this seems overwhelming, try to simply cut out one item at a time, and do it slowly. You don't want to overwhelm your body. And you want to keep some happiness in there. For me, eating is joy. So treating myself to something delicious and 'off' my diet every now and then keeps me happy.

FYI, I based my diet on the Body Ecology Diet, a book someone recommended to me. Highly recommend it. It explains all the reasons for cutting out certain foods as well as recipes.

*Note, I am receiving no financial or other compensation for the books or products I have mentioned or endorsed today; I am doing so because of my personal positive experience with them.

Wishing you health, happiness, and well-being!

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