Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Transcending Pain

I have a bunch of new post material with tips that I hope will be helpful for you...I have so much information that I want to spread it out into various posts (don't want to overwhelm with long posts because I can go on and on). If there are topics/issues you might have questions about, please email me at, and I can see if I have enough knowledge to do a post on that topic.

In the meantime, I have been going through some painful emotional (and physical) ups and downs. I know all of you understand this rollercoaster all too well. It was so hard for me to keep my positive attitude when I was sick, when one day or week I was feeling ok or even better than ok or even well, and then BOOM, I went 5 steps backwards again. Though my physical symptoms, now, post-Lyme are much fewer, far between, and less disabling, they still arise occasionally. And it is a doozy to try to figure it out.

I have been reading this book, "The Untethered Soul." HIGHLY recommend it to any of you who are needing some spiritual guidance. I copied, with permission, some highlights on pain. It really helped me when I was in a dark or difficult place the last month. Hope it sheds a little light on your journey as well.

"Simply view inner pain as temporary shift in your energy flow. As energy passing through your heart and before the eye of your consciousness....There is no reason to fear this experience. Pain is not a problem. It's just a thing in the's a thing in the universe that is passing through your system....don't be afraid of it. It cannot touch you unless you touch must learn to transcend the tendency to avoid the pain. Then RELAX. Relax and release. Relax your heart until you are actually face to face with the exact place where it hurts.

Be present right at place of pain, then relax and go even deeper. This is very deep growth and TRANSFORMATION. If you close around the pain and stop it from passing through, it will stay in you.

Every single time you relax and release, a piece of the pain leaves FOREVER.

On the other side of pain is ecstasy. On the other side is freedom. Your true greatness hides on the other side of that layer of pain. Sometimes you may feel tremendous heat in your heart as you relax into the energy of the pain. This is the pain being PURIFIED from your heart.

In truth, pain is the price of freedom. And the moment you are willing to pay that price, you will no longer be afraid.

If you stay open, the blocked energy inside of you will release naturally, and you will not take on any more. This is the core of spiritual work. When you are comfortable with the pain passing through you, you will be free.

You will begin to have truly beautiful experiences rise up within you. Eventually, you will understand that there is an ocean of love behind all of this fear and pain.

**It is often said that you must go through the darkest night in order to get to the infinite light.**

I understand these words may be hard to hear when you may be suffering amounts that no human can imagine and you want to tell me to go somewhere the sun don't shine! I remember what it was like to be attached to my bed and IV pole and crawl to the bathroom. And, sometimes, when people told me to have a positive attitude, I wanted to tell them to also go somewhere the sun don't shine. BUT, from the other side, I just want to let you know it gets better. I truly think 50% of my healing came from being able to release the pain, so I hope this passage helps just a little.

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  1. Thankyou for this, I too have suffered LD for the last 18 years, and I know this pain and suffering is a gift of transformation. Blessings and healing light to you - you deserve health and wholeness - believe. Benjamin